Healthy pool water is achieved by using a sanitizer to kill bacteria, control algae and destroy organic contaminants.

Q: What is free available chlorine (FAC)?
A: Free available chlorine is the amount of active sanitizer in the water.

Q: What is the correct amount of FAC?
A: The FAC in your pool should be 1–4 ppm.

Q: Why should the FAC be within these levels?
A: Below 1 ppm can cause algae problems, cloudy water, swimmer rashes and bacteria problems.

Q: What should you do if your FAC is less than 1 ppm?
A:Just add poolife® sanitizer or shock treatments until you reach the desired FAC level. Follow label directions for dosage guidelines.

Q: How often should I test for FAC?
A: Allied recommends testing daily, but always check your local quidelines for the frequency of testing. Every locality may have different recommendations.